Kevin talks about crystals

One of the key principle of alchemy states, if you change something’s energy you can change the manifestation of its mass”. A Merkabah is a means by which you can focus and then change the energy.  By doing so space-time can be manipulated because (thought is not subject to the speed of light). The clear parts of this piece are made from Clear Optical Quartz, hardness of 7.

First, it’s piezoelectric, meaning it generates an electrostatic voltage and polarization through the crystal when strain changes of compression and tension occur in the stone. Second, the application of an energy field, be it electrical, magnetic, photonic, bioenergetics, or a merkabah field, can cause micro expansion and contraction in the crystal, which generates energy. Third, all crystal forms have what is called a crystal field, an electrostatic field acting locally inside the crystal as a consequence of atomic arrangement in the crystal lattice. This field moves through and around the quartz even if cut into pieces and over great distances, having a quantum space- time effect. Achieving this alignment is a key first step. Then the quartz is cut into ten parts with each inside face polished and lined in 24ct. gold leaf. The crystal is then put back together on the same crystal plane.  A rough round shape is created on the outside and inside a concave lenses are cut and polished clear. This process took about a week and a half and only accounts for one side of the piece. Next the parts were put together and polished as a whole in a very strong rotating magnetic vortex field. This energizes the crystals ions and creates an electrostrictive effect in which a distortion occurs from energy displacement with a few electrical shocks received in the process. When both sides are ready to come together the inside faces are given there final polish in the magnetic vortex. This energizes and oppositely polarizes the surface of these two crystal halves and gives them a slight attraction to each other. This also serves to clear and cleanse the quartz of any and all energy patterns that are not a part of the new function of this piece. This energetic clearing greatly enhances the four key properties of clear quartz, which are memory, programmability, energy synchronization and amplification. Unlike most other stones which have certain relatively fixed properties, clear quartz can by programmed by one’s focused intention to assist in achieving virtually any goal.